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Luke 18 Luker Registration Form 2019

Luker/Confirmation Candidate Registration Form for Luke 18 Nov. 2019

Luke 18 is a required weekend retreat for all Confirmation candidates at St. Charles Borromeo.

Luke 18 will be held Nov. 15-17th, 2019 this year at Borromeo.

The purpose of Luke 18 is for Confirmation candidates to grow in their faith through sharing with others, music, prayer, high school witnesses, games, Mass and more. The high school youth group puts on the Luke 18 retreat, including giving talks, leading small groups and walking with the Confirmation candidates on their faith journey during the weekend. They put in a lot of time, energy, work and preparation before and during the retreat to make it a special event for the Lukers. The Lukers stay at sleephouses during the weekend, which are parishioners' homes. They will have 1 or 2 high schoolers with them at each house and they are divided up by gender. The sleephouse hosts come and pick up the Lukers in the evenings and bring them back to Borromeo in the mornings.

Lukers should arrive at SCB at 7 pm in the cafe on Friday, November 15th. The weekend will close with Mass at 3 pm on Sunday, November 17th. All parents and family members are highly encouraged to attend the closing Mass.

This registration form is due Oct. 3rd, 2019 with $60 to Kristin Williams in the Parish Office. $10 discount for parents who are a sleephouse! If you pay after this date, the cost is $65. The fee helps offset the cost of 5 meals, the t-shirt, our music minister, the priests, supplies and the use of facilities. If you cannot pay $60, pay what you can and financial assistance will cover the rest. Check or cash - checks payable to SCB. Payment may be turned in to Mrs. Hirtz or Mrs. Bober. Please put payment in an envelope, addressed to Kristin Williams for Luke 18 and write which Confirmation candidate it is for. If you are interested in being a sleephouse or have questions, please contact Kristin at or (636) 946-1893 (office). This form does not need to be printed out.
3. Male or female? *This question is required.
11. Adult T-Shirt Size: *This question is required.
13. Will you be taking prescription medication during the retreat?  *This question is required.
15. I need help remembering to take my medication and my parent gives the adult leaders of St. Charles Borromeo permission to administer medications as stated above.
16. I, the parent or guardian, give the St. Charles Borromeo Adult Coordinators permission to seek medical care for my son/daughter in the case of an emergency and in the case of a non-emergency, I will allow Borromeo to administer basic medicine to my child, such as Tylenol or Advil: *This question is required.
22. I give permission for pictures and/or video to be taken of my child/teenager during the retreat weekend. *This question is required.
23. I give permission for pictures and/or video taken of my child/teenager during Luke 18 to be posted to the youth group's social media accounts, the bulletin, and/or the parish website. *This question is required.
24. By signing this, you are agreeing to the following commitments:
        1. To not use or bring electronic devices (cell phones, iPads, etc.) during the retreat.
        2. To contribute in positive ways to the Luke 18 weekend by being open to the experience, participating, sharing with others and allowing God to come into your heart.
        3. To respect each other, the high school students, college students, and adults by participating in the prayer and activities during the weekend. This includes refraining from insults, snide remarks, and gossip, listening attentively when someone else is speaking, completing directions as asked, being responsible and not denying, blaming or accusing others of your own actions. 
        4. Arriving at the retreat on time, staying for the entire retreat without leaving, and not leaving SCB campus without Luke 18 Leaders' permission. 

Teen Signature:

  *This question is required.
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25. I give my permission for my son/daughter to be transported by a car/van by a licensed/insured adult from St. Charles Borromeo Parish to their designated sleephouse and back to SCB campus. I give my permission for my son/daughter to participate in the Luke 18 Retreat. 

We need your support as a parent/guardian for Luke 18. Please make sure you have read the above statements that your teen is committing to by attending this retreat. If your teen chooses not to honor these commitments, they will be asked to leave the retreat. We extend a heartfelt invitation to your teen to attend this retreat with us. However, we will not allow anyone to intentionally take away from someone else's experience. We ask that you sign below in support of your teen honoring this commitment. By signing, you are stating that you have read and discussed these agreements with your teen and will support us in enforcing them. 

Parent Signature: *This question is required.
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