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Transgender Library & Information Needs

Transgender Library and Information Needs -

I am currently studying Library and Information Studies through the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and as part of my dissertation, have chosen to examine the library and information needs of the transgender community, on the premise that:

If, as the Public Libraries and Museums Act, (1964) holds, ‘It shall be the duty of every library authority to provide a comprehensive and efficient service for all persons desiring to make use of’’, with the library itself as ‘a democratic entitlement for every individual, for every community and for the whole nation it must surely follow that, by law, such provision must meet the requirements of the 2010 Equality Act under which ‘public bodies must demonstrate how they are advancing the equality agenda and the fostering of good relations with regard to groups both disadvantaged and discriminated against within wider society.

The survey aims to establish not only whether this duty is being met, in the eyes of the community, but to identify, via data gathered, both gaps in provision and help inform a series of recommendations and/or framework towards a best practice toolkit for future development and provision.

Ethical approval for this project has been granted by University of Wales, Aberystwyth and is complaint to British Sociology Association Standards. All information gathered is fully anonymised, will be stored securely and destroyed on completion of the project.

Your help and input are invaluable and much appreciated.Participation is entirely voluntary and should you choose not to complete the survey, no data will be used. Completion of the survey will be regarded as consent and should take no more than 10 - 15 minutes.

Please complete this survey before January 8th, 2019.

Many thanks
1. Library and Information Needs - Are you a current public library user?
3. If Yes, how often do you visit your public library
4. Library Resources - Please select what resources, if any, you made use of during your last public library visit? Please select all that apply
5. Which of the following transgender dedicated subject areas, books and/or resources (online guides, web pages etc.) are currently provided within your public library? Please select all that apply.
6. Which of the following transgender dedicated subject areas, books and/or resources (online guides, web pages etc.) would you most like to see in your public library? Please select all that apply.
7. When seeking information related to transitioning and/or transgender related topics, which information sources are you most likely to use? Please choose all that apply
8. Please tick which issues, if any, you have encountered on previous library visits. Please select all that apply.
10. Which accommodations and changes would, in your opinion, be most useful to your library experience? Please select all that apply
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