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Social Enterprise Survey

If you or your organization is involved with more than one social enterprise, please circulate this survey to all of them. 
2. Definition: "Social enterprises are organizations that are pursuing a social or environmental mission using business models" (Dees, G.). Do you consider yourself or your organization a social entrepreneur or social enterprise based on this definition? 
3. What stage do you consider your social enterprise to be at?
4. Is your organization based in the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) area?
5. Where does your organization offer its products/services/programs?
6. Is your organization related to another entity?
7. Which describe your organization’s activities? (Please check all that apply)
8. In which areas does your organization have social impact? (Please check all that apply)
9. Does your organization target any particular groups? Please check all that applies 

Does your social enterprise employ individuals with barriers to employment?

11. If you answered yes to the previous question, please answer this question. If not, skip to the following question.

What are your employees’ key barriers to employment? (Please select all that applies)

12. Please choose the industry area that best describes your organization's primary work:
13. Which best describes your organization?
14. What were your organization's revenues (as opposed to grants) in 2018 (or 2017 if 2018 is not available)? Please note that this information is kept strictly confidential.
15. Has your social enterprise been able to secure any of the following forms of capital? (Please check all that applies)
19. Which of these areas are of highest priority for your social enterprise to seek outside expertise on? (Please mark top 3)
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