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Substantive Change Webinar Wishlist

Identifying New Topics

Thanks for helping identify new topics for Substantive Change Webinars.  New webinars will start in fall 2019.  We want to ensure we're providing what you need.

All prior webinars are available on-demand.  They will be available until there is new or updated information; when that happens, we'll host a new live webinar and make it available on-demand.  Available on-demand webinars are:

  • Closing Programs and Off-campus Instructional Sites 
  • Dealing with Unreported Substantive Change
  • Determining Significant Departure
  • Dual Enrollment and Instructional Sites
  • Faculty Rosters for Substantive Change
  • How to Write a Prospectus
  • Managing Off-campus Instructional Sites
  • What Not to Report
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