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AIMS 2019 Exit Survey

AIMS 2019: Workshop on Active Internet Measurements

Participants of the AIMS workshop ( Please complete this survey as completely as possible to provide feedback on your workshop experience and to help direct our future workshops.

Interaction Policy with Policy Community

9. Would you be likely to participate in an AIMS-like day? short talks that abstract poilcy implications for policymakers (check all that apply)
10. Would you be likely to submit to or PC workshop with 6-page peer-reviewed published papers,
e.g., sigcomm workshops? (check all that apply)
11. Which of the following are you likely to participate in submitting to? (check all that apply)

Future Workshops / Suggestions for Improvement

14. Workshop LogisticsLet us know things you liked so we can keep it the way it is, or things you didn't care for so we can try to adjust it for next time. Any comments, gripes, and suggestions are welcome.
15. (optional: We would like to know) Please let us know which meals you'd like to have again so we can improve our selections next time. We'd love more data points, and we do review these!
Space Cell Prefer thisDidn't care for thisDidn't eatIt doesn't matter either way
Day 1 Breakfast: Eggs. potatoes, bacon, fruit, pastries
Day 1 Lunch: Chicken, salad, tofu, potstickers
Day 1 Dinner: Meat and cheese board, Mexican tacos, beet salad
Day 2 Breakfast: Egg/sausage/sweet potato scramble, bacon, fruit casserole
Day 2 Lunch: Sandwich bar, salad, chips
Break snacks: nuts, fruits, granola bars
Break snacks: crackers, chips, cookies
(so we can account for your completion of the survey)
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