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PBC podcast

Podcast Brunch Club podcast

1. How often do you participate in a PBC chapter meeting?
2. How often do you listen to at least one of the episodes on the monthly thematic PBC podcast listening lists?
3. Are you subscribed to the PBC podcast?
4. Approximately how many episodes of the PBC podcast have you listened to?
5. We have two types of episodes:
  1. Roundup episodes: we chat about the podcast listening list and then diverge to talk about what else we're listening to
  2. Creator interview episodes: we interview the creators that are featured on the podcast listening lists.
Which type do you enjoy more?
6. During our roundup episodes, we will usually diverge from the podcast listening list to talk about other podcasts we're listening to lately. Have you ever listened to any of the podcasts recommended during that segment?
7. Our roundup episodes usually have two segments:
  1. Listening list discussion: we chat about the listening list
  2. Divergent discussion: We diverge and talk about other things we're listening to
Which segment do you enjoy more?
8. For the roundup episodes, should we spend more or less time on the segment where we discuss the listening list?
9. For the roundup episodes, should we spend more or less time on the segment where we diverge to talk about other things we're listening to?
10. Check all the reasons you like the show:
  • * This question is required.
11. How is the length of the show?
12. One of the things we really want to do with the podcast is add the larger community's perspective into each episode. How likely are you to send in your responses (either by email or voice memo) if we were to ask specific questions about the playlist or solicit questions for our interviews of creators?
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