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2019 Tyler McChurch Memorial Tournament Post Survey


1. MACPAK (mulligan package) is sold separately for $65.00 per team, how does it compare with other tournament Mulligan packages
2. Please rate the Pace of Play in comparison to other tournaments you have played in
3. Please rate the Hospitality Bag, which included the Adidas Golf Shift, loaf of Bay's bread, golf balls, golf tees, Demos certificate, DIck's value pack, golf towel, and a lot of other things
4. Please rate the food served at this years tournament
6. It has been suggested that we do the Silent Auction a day or two before the tournament at another location is that a:
7. Should we continue  Live Auctioning a few items 
8. Currently the shot gun start is at 9:30 should we
10. Should be get rid of the "string Game"
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