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2019 Intergroup Survey

2019 SPBC Intergroup Survey

Hi and welcome to the SPBCI Member Survey. This survey is meant to determine how the South Palm Beach County Intergroup Office can meet the needs of the AA groups and individuals.

We value your feedback so please fill out as many of the questions as you can. The survey should take no more than 8 minutes to complete and will help guide us going forward.

Thank you,

SPBC Intergroup
1. Would you or your group support an "online" store, with the ability to make purchases on the website and having the order delivered to the intergroup meeting, and/or mailing out to you directly?
2. Would you or your group support using Zelle / Venmo to make group and/or personal donations to Intergroup?
3. Do you or your group purchase AAWS (AA World Service) books, pamphlets, meeting lists, chips, medallions or gifts from the Intergroup Office?
4. Do you or your group financially support Intergroup Office monthly, quarterly or annual contributions?Do you or your group financially support Intergroup Office monthly, quarterly or annual contributions?
5. Do you contribute individually to Birthday Club or Faithful Fivers?
6. Do you or your Intergroup Rep attend the monthly Intergroup meeting?
7. Have you ever volunteered to do service at Intergroup?
9. Do you read the monthly SCAAN newsletter?
13. Would you consider volunteering to serve at the Intergroup Office?
16. Do you use the intergroup website?
17. Have you tried the revised website just launched on June 17th?
19. Do you know where the intergroup office is located?
20. Have you visited the intergroup office in the past year?
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