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Tolerance Questionnaire

Tolerance Survey Consent Form

I am inviting you to participate in my research about multiculturalism and tolerance.
I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the increased (or decreased) level of accepting differences by exploring the relationship between the exposure to multiculturalism and tolerance.

The following anonymous survey, which should take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time, asks questions about some of your feelings and values regarding your believes.
There are also some demographic questions i.e., age, gender, religion, and country of residence. To qualify for this study, you must be over the age of 18.
This study is voluntary, If you decide to participate, your responses will be anonymous - that is, recorded without any identifying information that is linked to you. 

The data collected from this study will be used for educational and publication purposes ONLY.

The study is approved by National University IRB . If you have any questions regarding your rights as a human subject and participant in this study, or to report research-related problems, you may call the Institutional Review Board at NU for information, at (858) 642-8384, or

This study is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Donna Wolosin,

The survey has no risks on human participation, and participants will not receive any direct benefit from taking part of the survey. There is no financial compensation to be offered for taking part in the study.

If you would like to be part of my study, please choose yes and proceed with the survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation!
Kind regards,
Maha Elsinbawi
2. Are you living in your country of birth?
4. What is your gender
5. How long have you been living in the current country you are in now?
6. What is your age range?
7. What is your highest education level?
8. To which of the following do you most identify with? (please provide just one option)
9. My religion/philosophy/life and worldview defines everything in a series of rules and dog-mas.
10. I live strictly according to the rules of my religion/philosophy/life and worldview.
11. When having to take an important decision, I am strongly aware of my religion and/or my beliefs which are part of my religion/philosophy/life and worldview.
12. In general I feel safe and secure when I encounter other people
13. In general I feel safe and secure when I encounter other people
14. I concentrate on my own affairs and interfere as little as possible with other people.
15. I could not care less what other people think and feel.
16. I desire to be on a friendly foot with other people.
17. I do not feel threatened by the world around me.
18. I can comfortably get along with someone who adheres to norms and values different from my own.
19. All people should be able to get along with one another, regardless of which norms and values are important to them.
20. There are norms and values which should be important to all people, regardless of their own religion/life-views.
21. I share particular norms and values with people who adhere to a religion/philosophy/life and worldview totally different from my own.
22. In my encounters with other people I always adhere to my own norms and values.
23. Values and norms which stem from a religion/philosophy/life and worldview other than my own cannot give direction to my life.
24. The values which are important to me, all stem from my religion/life-view.
25. The values and norms which are important to me cause me to see myself as quite different from other people.
26. The values which are now important to me are not much different from the values that I adhered to as a child.
27. The values which I regard as important today, were imbued in me by my parents when I was a child.
28. The values which I today regard as important were imbued in me by the school(s) that I attended.
29. I am able to explain to others those values that I regard as important.
30. I can explain the values that are important to me in such general terms that other people can also find them acceptable.
31. I do not care what other people think and do.
32. I feel quite comfortable in the company of a person who acts in accordance with the rules of his own religion/life-view.
33. I do not care what other people think and do based on their religion/life-view.
34. I am not concerned with the ideas and actions of other people based on their own religion/life-view.
35. I think that I am contributing to the wellbeing of my fellow human beings when I tolerate their ideas and beliefs.
36. I often tolerate behavior in other people, even when I myself do not hold it in high regard and/or which I myself do not find acceptable.
37. I can imagine adhering to a religion/philosophy/life and worldview totally different from my own.
38. I have a strong tendency to trust people of religions/life-philosophies other than my own.
39. I have a deep trust in my own beliefs.
40. I am of the view that other people should have the right to their own beliefs, even if I do consider them to be wrong.
41. I believe in a society where all people share one and the same set of beliefs.
42. I believe that my own religion/philosophy/life and worldview is the only correct one.
43. I think that people can arrive at the truth only via my religion/philosophy/life and worldview.
44. I believe that all religions/life-views in the end lead to one and the same truth.
45. I am convinced that my own religion/philosophy/life and worldview can be enriched through dialogue with other religions/life-philosophies.
46. In my view, personal freedom is the highest goal to strive for in life.
47. I am convinced that people should adhere to principles contained in the Holy Scriptures of their religion.
48. I am of the view that people should live and behave according to principles not flowing from a particular religion/life-philosophy.
49. I respect the religious beliefs of people with convictions quite different from mine.
50. Based on my own religion/philosophy/life and worldview, I feel unhappy with some of the measures taken by Government.
51. I do not care whether my country is governed by Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or New Age followers.
52. I feel I should participate in society if that does not result in conflict with my religious views.
53. I would like to become a member of a society where everyone’s approach to life is the same as mine.
54. I am convinced that differences between people are so pronounced that peaceful co-existence in one and the same society is impossible.
55. I am of the view that people should have so much trust in one another that peaceful co-existence between them can be possible.
56. I am convinced that people should seek ways to overcome the differences that exist among people in society.
57. I am of the opinion that people should respect the differences that exist among different people in society.
58. I find it very difficult to imagine myself living according to the thought system of people who adhere to a set of beliefs totally different from my own.
59. I respect and do not condemn people whose beliefs are different from mine.
60. I am convinced that people who see themselves as belonging to an organized religious grouping are also searching for a higher/supernatural power.
61. I feel free to respectfully socialize with people who hold beliefs quite different from mine.