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1. I am fairly curious and I am continually in search of discovery 
2. I am capable of imagining how we can make things work
3. I shoot for excellence in everything I do
4. According to me, we somehow make our own luck
5. I always try to learn lessons from my failures 
6. It is easy for me to motivate others to work with me 
7. I am not always ready to make sacrifices in order to succeed  
8. After a failure, I am able to pick myself up and start over 
9. I often feel stuck by difficult situations 
10. I want to build something that will be recognized publicly 
11. I can easily imagine many ways to satisfy a need 
12. To be satisfied with myself i take on easy projects 
13. I always try to take calculated risks 
14. I do not like to influence others 
15. I am always in the midst of launching new projects 
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