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Improve Your Business Operations

Resources for Business Success

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant challenges and changes in the way business is being done.  The Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development (MPCCCD) would like to provide resources and strategies for our business community to ensure that each of them are prepared for the “new normal” as a result of the pandemic.  Therefore, we are inviting you to take a brief three-minute survey regarding technology which is a key element for business success post pandemic shutdowns.  Results from this survey will allow the MPCCCD to provide you and your business with essential business technology programs.
9. Please indicate your type of business/organization.
12. Does your business/organization have an internet connection?
13. Does your business/organization offer free Wi-Fi to your customers?
14. Does your business/organization currently have a website?
15. What social media applications does your business/organization use? Please check all that apply.
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16. Please indicate if your business/organization can be found on any of these websites or on-line marketplaces? Please check all that apply. 
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17. Would you be interested in technology solutions and/or business development training programs for you and or members of your team to help prepare for doing business in the post Covid-19 “New Normal”?                        
18. What technologies would you like to learn more about that can help improve your business/organization? Check all that apply.
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